Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A bodyguard for your ears: Scientists discover novel pain sensors in inner ear that warn of dangerously loud noise

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Establishing Your Personal Leadership Development Plan

Having a personal leadership development plan in place is one of the first things that you need to do when deciding on personal development and growing your inner mind.  You can not go about this alone.  Why? Simply is just because you don't know how to think yet.  You are exactly where you are right now because of your thinking.  By establishing a leadership development plan or personal
Personal Leadership Development Plan
development plan on yourself you are going to be replacing your current thoughts with new ones.

Establishing Your Personal Leadership Development Plan

"Your thoughts lead to feelings, your feelings lead to actions and those actions lead to the results we are getting"

How do you develop an individual development plan?

First, you need to find yourself a couple of mentors and leaders.  People in both the personal development and your current career field.  If your or have been thinking of changing careers then now is the best time because I will have you going after your new career with everything you got.  If
your determined and serious!  You need to listen to them daily and start to learn to think like them.  You can do this with your phone and ~YouTube~ if you wanted.  After you have a couple of mentors now you need to first create yourself some individual goals including dates you are going to reach them by.  You are setting up your ~leadership development plan template~ by taking this action.  OK, after you have three to six goals you would like to reach and the date then you need to create yourself daily plans that you are going to need to do in order to reach your goals.

Establishing your personal leadership development plan this way will help increase your chances of success.  See there is no promise that you are going to do this.  Its up to you and you only.  How determined are you to reach your personal development and business goals.  I think in the end that what it all comes down to.

So that is going to sum up this post on personal leadership development plan and creating your foundation for success.  Remember, get yourself a couple of mentors and listen to them daily.  Learn to think like these successful people and soon you will finding your own thoughts going in that direction.

Establishing Your Personal Leadership Development Plan

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Developing Your Personal Leadership Development Plan

Personal Leadership Development Plan is your key to long term success.  That is what I am finding throughout the three to four years I have been working on growing my mind with personal development.  What I mean my personal leadership is you can not try to do this alone.  You are going to need a positive influence matter of people behind you but not only that but you are going to want to learn from somebody proven.  Since we are talking about the personal development a big leader I
want to mention, well two of them are one Brian Tracy and the second is Tony Robbins.

Developing Your Personal Leadership Development Plan

These have been two very influential leaders in my developing of this new way to live this great life with my personal leadership development plan.  Why try to reinvent the wheel when you can simply follow a proven method.  You are going to have to be full committed to this is you really want to succeed.  It's well worth it though. 

After you have found yourself a personal development leader you are going to want create some goals around it and then daily plans.  Now just taking action and setting these goals and creating your plans you are taking the first step to success.  Things just go much smoother throughout the day when you have a plan to follow. You also will just about double your day as well.  The amount of time that is free up by creating yourself daily plans is really great.  That's one of the first things that I noticed
when implementing this.  There are many leadership development programs out there but I think one of the most important is finding one that you feel comfortable with. Growing my mind everyday!  You have to like and trust the person behind it.

Finding a leadership development program can be one of the best things that you can do for yourself and your online business.  Personal development also helps when being around the family.  It reflects in how you treat others.  It helps with every single aspect of your life.  One of the first things that you will learn to do is think and see opportunity rather than the reasons why something won't work.  I challenge you to replace every negative thought that you have with a positive one for the next seven days and if you can follow through with it then just see how you feel at the end of that time.  Your personal development process has started.

Developing Your Personal Leadership Development Plan

Personal Development Plan Template

Personal Development Plan Template is my development plan for success.  You see, personal development is in all of us and its up to us to do the steps and actions to help take it out.  When you do your life and the lives of the people around you will begin to change.

Personal Development Plan Template

See, the main reason why I created this personal development plan template is to keep myself fresh and always to remind myself how important this personal growth is and to our success.

by Ethan Poltrack

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Keeping Focused On Love, Joy, Peace, Long-Suffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faith, Mildness And Self Control

The title is a little long I know but something that I follow on a day to day basis and keep my mindset focused on is seeing Love, Joy, Peace, Long-Suffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faith, Mildness and Self Control.  This is the key to living a prosperous life with a positive attitude and good spirits.  When I read this I immediately wrote it down and keep it very close so I can refer back to this little
love and joy
piece of paper anytime I start to get off track.  You know, I feel like the whole world has been lifted off my shoulders.  No more worries mate!  All of this is because I took action on personal development and growing my mind everyday.  I've learned that there are far more important things than what we physical see in everyday life.

Personal Development

  Now I do not know if I have a strong passion for this personal development thing now because a number of years ago I almost lost my life and because of the volunteers of the local fire and rescue department I am still here today.  I realized just how important life is and not to get caught up in the everyday jumbo.  I can't!  It's funny but here in NY state everyone seems to have a judgment on everyone else and what they are doing and feel their situations are the best but when it came to 911 and the world trade towers all of a sudden we came together as a nation.  Look at hurricane Sandy for that matter down on the Jersey Shore.  Everybody seems to become positive and work to help each other out then its right back to the competition. Having Long-Suffering

Love, Joy, Peace, Long-Suffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faith, Mildness And Self Control

your personal development plan
So back to keeping focused on all those traits I talked about.  Love, Joy, Peace, Long-Suffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faith, Mildness and Self Control and what a positive impact it is having on my thoughts and the results around me.  It's true, change your thoughts and change your results.  I learned that from the book "The millionaire Mindset" by T. Harve Eker.  Great book.  I suggest picking up a copy if you can.  Some really good principles.  Really live if all what we make of it and what good does it have when you look at it in a negative manor.  You definitely do not move ahead but more like two steps back for every step forward.  Its going to take you a long, long time to get where you want to go.

Well I'm going to end this post today on personal development and what I am doing to grow my mind everyday.  I wish everyone a path to happiness and pleasure.  Remember keep love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, self control, mildness in your thought process at all times and when you catch yourself verring off be sure to look at those words again.

Love, Joy, Peace, Long-Suffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faith, Mildness And Self Control

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Having Better And Happier Days With Myself

It's pretty neat how working on this personal development and mind growth can make you begin having better and happier days with yourself. It's doing it for me.  I'll tell you this and that it was not easy.  it's funny but it's easier to just go out and get a job and be told what to do.  Really no thinking involved at that point.  Not to the extent that if you did stuff on your own.  It's amazing how when you apply this how you will have better and more joyful days ahead of you.  But of course with the happy and more better days the opposites will seem a lot greater as well.  Its what  we do and how
having better and happier days
we use these opposite days to make us better and grow rather than dwell upon them.

Having Better And Happier Days  With Myself

One of the things I have been doing to having better and happier days with myself is getting in touch with my spiritual side.  Everyone has one.  In one of my last post I talked about having a spiritual side and how that is a trait to success.  Success for long term.  My spiritual side is having God and Jesus as my mentors and following the proven path that was set out for us.  It's a pretty strong feeling when I take the time to look into my spiritual side.  It truly does have a large impact on me and my thinking.  Being able to see the positive and the good in things rather than simply look at why it can't be done and how others do it and not you.  That's just a line of BS.  You can do it and you can do anything of course within reason.

Having better and happier day with myself is part of taking control of my life and not following what others are doing.  See when I'm doing what I believe in and what I have learned I feel so much better.  I'm happy, I have a more of a clear thinking process.  The windows are cleaner when I control my thoughts and do not allow the media or anybody else to do it for me.  I recently stopped watching the news.  Don't misunderstand my I don't have my head in a sandbox its just I prefer not to listen to all the BS.  It does me no good anyways.

Having Better And Happier Days  With Myself

Part of having happier and more joyful days is doing the opposite of all my work.  I'm playing just as
hard to embed that what I am doing is correct and I love sharing with others.  For instance, today my day is done at 11:30 am and I am gong to go goof off for the rest of the day.  Maybe go do some fishing or sightseeing.  Hang out with an old buddy and just surround myself with good positive people.  When I do this the next day when I go back to my work I just seem to have such a more clear head and I do a much better job and or enjoy myself a lot, lot more.  I enjoy myself either way because I love what I do, I just love it even more when I take a time out.

Those who take personal development seriously and enjoy growing their mind rather than sitting in front of the television or talk useless gossip about others and why you don't have it will live a much better and happier lifestyle.  Its the fact!  Whether you believe it or not, its the truth and I can second it. It's about moving forward in a positive direction rather than sitting there not moving forward at all.  Then you 90 years old and your life had just passed you by and you have done is be a slave for man.  I'm not sure about you but at this point its about me not you. Sorry! I love all people and wish people all the success but I'm following what I am learning not what others want me to believe.

Growing your mind is the key to having happier days and living a more joyful lifestyle.  Its a good way to spend your time because as you grow you will gain insight and be able to offer others more of value.  Do you want to be a leader or follower?  I'm done following.  I'm not going and its not you job either to try to change people.  People have got to want to change themselves first.  I use to go running and sharing what I was learning with a  lot of people but I learned not to do that.  I have a lot less old friends now because of it but that find.  Just tells me that these people were not my friends to begin with.  So keep a positive thought process to having better and happier days and remember its for you not anybody else.  As you grow with your personal development others will take notice and they will either back you up or go the other way.  For those that do go the other way do not let it get to you but just know that you are in a better and happier place and you will feel better with yourself for doing so.

Having Better And Happier Days  With Myself

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Growing My Mind Everyday

growing my mind everydayGrowing my mind everyday is now my full time job.  There is nothing else like it.  Personal development that is.  It needs to be takes very, very seriously in order to achieve top results.  It's funny how the things we don't necessary see have the greatest impact on us.  I wish everyone would believe and become conscious of this.  It would change the world we live in today that's for sure.  Taking the time to grow my mind everyday even if its just to take notice of it and then do one little thing. Anything.  Re-read something positive and motivational, think about our lord and creator for a
few minutes, Watch a video on YouTube.

It's a full time job that is sure.  Growing your mind everyday.  I know growing my mind everyday is a full time job.  lol,  I love it thought and never want it to stop.  When I do grow my mind I am happier and more comfortable with myself.  One of the key traits is keeping a positive mindset and look for opportunity.  Its the only way.  Not doing this you do not move forward or should I say its a lot harder.  It's amazing how much our mindset plays a roll in this growing my mind everyday kinda thing. 

Growing My Mind Everyday

Do you think the results around you can change my keeping a positive attitude and mindset during the day and look for the good and opportunity in things?  You better believe it!  That's what I love so much about this growing my mind and personal development can do for you.  Again, its the things that you do not see that are sometimes for more powerful than anything else.  Here's a question for you,  do you think you need to have a spiritual side in order to grow and be successful?  I'm going to leave that question alone for you to think and wonder about.  I'll just say that its become know that we live on a realm of 4 levels.  Do you know what they are? 1. Physical 2. Mental 3. Emotional and do you know what the 4th is...
So the importance of this little thing of growing our mind can and will change our lives if taken more seriously.  Soon it will not be so little anymore not that it ever was.  With growth comes true
happiness and prosperity.  That's why understanding the importance of growing your mind everyday is such of great value.  You can never take that away. 

It's hard and yes there are times that I slack off with my personal development and staying focus but over time I hope to adjust that less and less.  It's a different kind of fun that's all.  Creating a plan is one of the key traits to success and each day your create a plan you are actually growing your mind at the same time and even more when you follow and finish out your plan.
Growing my mind everyday is becoming to be one of the most rewarading things I am doing.

Growing My Mind Everyday