Saturday, October 26, 2013

Growing My Mind Everyday

growing my mind everydayGrowing my mind everyday is now my full time job.  There is nothing else like it.  Personal development that is.  It needs to be takes very, very seriously in order to achieve top results.  It's funny how the things we don't necessary see have the greatest impact on us.  I wish everyone would believe and become conscious of this.  It would change the world we live in today that's for sure.  Taking the time to grow my mind everyday even if its just to take notice of it and then do one little thing. Anything.  Re-read something positive and motivational, think about our lord and creator for a
few minutes, Watch a video on YouTube.

It's a full time job that is sure.  Growing your mind everyday.  I know growing my mind everyday is a full time job.  lol,  I love it thought and never want it to stop.  When I do grow my mind I am happier and more comfortable with myself.  One of the key traits is keeping a positive mindset and look for opportunity.  Its the only way.  Not doing this you do not move forward or should I say its a lot harder.  It's amazing how much our mindset plays a roll in this growing my mind everyday kinda thing. 

Growing My Mind Everyday

Do you think the results around you can change my keeping a positive attitude and mindset during the day and look for the good and opportunity in things?  You better believe it!  That's what I love so much about this growing my mind and personal development can do for you.  Again, its the things that you do not see that are sometimes for more powerful than anything else.  Here's a question for you,  do you think you need to have a spiritual side in order to grow and be successful?  I'm going to leave that question alone for you to think and wonder about.  I'll just say that its become know that we live on a realm of 4 levels.  Do you know what they are? 1. Physical 2. Mental 3. Emotional and do you know what the 4th is...
So the importance of this little thing of growing our mind can and will change our lives if taken more seriously.  Soon it will not be so little anymore not that it ever was.  With growth comes true
happiness and prosperity.  That's why understanding the importance of growing your mind everyday is such of great value.  You can never take that away. 

It's hard and yes there are times that I slack off with my personal development and staying focus but over time I hope to adjust that less and less.  It's a different kind of fun that's all.  Creating a plan is one of the key traits to success and each day your create a plan you are actually growing your mind at the same time and even more when you follow and finish out your plan.
Growing my mind everyday is becoming to be one of the most rewarading things I am doing.

Growing My Mind Everyday

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