Friday, December 28, 2012

Growing My Inner Mind

Growing My Inner Mind. Hello everyone, good morning on this December 28, 2012 morning. Maybe the day has not begun where you are yet or maybe it's already gone by but either way we can take care of the days that follow, right? What ever Ethan.  This morning I'm right now drinking my coffee and wanted to touch on Growing My Inner Mind. This for me is building myself a solid foundation upon in which I can overcome obstacles and challenges to reach my destination.  I am aware or conscious of what is going on in my head and I am cutting my thought anytime negative thoughts come in and just focus and grow on the positive thoughts.

Growing My Inner Mind

 For me i need to change my life and I think Growing My Inner Mind is never going to end and neither do I want it too. The feeling is great and so many things are just popping up all around me. All good things and as well as to help me out. Not sure how to explain it!  It's actually one of the hardest things I am doing or done in my life. i mean think about it for a second. Our whole lives we are told how to think and what to do basically. We think we are making our own choices but the bottom line is when we are first born we have a clean slate or file. It's everything we hear and see that gets stored in our brain and then based on those files you form thoughts. If things are not going the way you like and you tried and tried different things even copied what other professionals are doing and you still don't get the results you are looking for? Growing My Inner Mind has helped me realize and focus on that and use that as a change. Its my Personal Development Plan that is going to launch me in this physical world of finance and having and doing the things I want to do. Growing My Inner Mind is my primary focus right now.

For Growing My Inner Mind I am learning to dig deep into my roots of my thoughts to see where they are originating from and I am cutting them out. Getting rid of them and growing or establishing new roots or thoughts. For me I want to help as many people realize this as possible and I tell you as you change you will find that it seems like just about everyone is like a bunch of robots. One of my goals for Growing My Inner Mind is to reflect positive energy into others when I come into contact with them. We are all unique beautiful people and can do anything we want.

So I did some situps and pushups and been outside with my dogs. These are all steps for Growing My Inner Mind and will help me better in the long run.  I also listen to mostivational youtube videos usally by people such as Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins and others. This helps get the juices flowing in the correct direction especially when you just starting out. For me its a must do in order for me to Grow My Inner Mind. You know what else I did? Drum Roll Please. I picked up a book and starting reading it!  Not just any book but a good mind growing book with positive things in it that I can use on my daily lifestyle. Enjoy the day

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