Friday, December 28, 2012

My Day To Day Daily Activities

My Day To Day Daily Activities is part of my foundation for my personal development plan. Today is December 28th 2012.  I will come back here often and share positive insights Iv had and am having through out the day.  For instance.. I was just doing a little business educating. I am taking a course on using facebook as a marketing strategy online. I do Internet Marketing. Before this I worked with my father and his small business of transplanting large trees. Before that I worked as a fireman for the Mt. Washington Cog Railway. I did that while I attended school for automotive technology. I love cars but due to some physical injures I sustain I really couldn't stand on concrete all day long. That's another story maybe sometime.  This course is pretty cool explaining everything from the basics of a profile to the advance features of using groups and pages.  For me this is educating myself in my current business and providing my mind with good stuff.  Because of this more mature feeling I am going through and understanding the importance of building a foundation I am seeing things differently and am taking a different approach.

I am also using some blog writing as a free traffic strategy as well and that's what I am doing now is keeping my reader database up to speed on my activities that I feel help me in a positive way.  I will also do some reading as well. Right now I'm reading the "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" by T. Harv Eker. The book really has two books in one. I read the first one two or three times already and have started the 2nd at least twice so far. I will definitely go back through the whole thing again once I am done. Just some awesome great content providing me with some really positive thinking.

It's a little later on in the day and I'm in the process of putting together a facebook page. Here's the link, Id love it if you come on over and "Like" my page plus stick around and share some thoughts. Id love to hear from you. Here's the page:

Today is 12/29/2012 and it's 10 in the morning - Today and everyday I wake up and the first thing I do is take a look at my goal sheet I have written down and then focus on something positive. No news or TV first thing. At least not until I get my cup of coffee. Even then I tone out all the bad evil things we hear and just focus on the business news and other events and I look at the positive and opportunities they present.  After that I feed my two springer spaniels, Ali and Merlin then let the two of them out to do their business. While they are out I keep one on on then and with the other I start my morning stretches. After the two dogs come in I then site down on the floor on my mat and then proceed to do 20 to 30 sit ups then immediately roll over and do as many push ups as I can. After that my blood is flowing pretty good and I pick up my goal sheet and take another read through.

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